Claire Levy-Boker

ABOUT Claire

My art is my voice, my word, my song. The canvas is where I express my true self. Painting and creating takes me out of my concrete reality and into a beautiful and bold abstract world. Playing with textures and bold colours is one of my favourite ways to express how life is not smooth or bland. Like my taste in music, my art can be quite eclectic. Through it, with my voice, I express love and beauty, quirkiness and darkness, bounty and scarcity. I draw inspiration from moods, my surroundings, nature, stories and other artists. When reflecting on my inspirations, I realize it is often my mood that drives my work. Ultimately, it comes from the colours, shapes and textures that surround me and how I feel when seeing or touching them. For colour, I use acrylic paints and inks, markers and alcohol inks. For texture I utilize mediums, glass gems, pastes, clays and other objects. Glitter and sparkle are prevalent in my resin pieces. I often spend a long time contemplating my canvas or molds before picking up a colour, brush or pallet knife. 

It has always been difficult for me to put into words how I feel when I create. Freedom comes to mind often. Art speaks when words are unable to explain or express. I believe art is as much an exploration as it is a communication of emotions, states of mind and declarations.