Harriet Liebmann

ABOUT Harriet

Harriet Liebmann is a Canadian artist collected in ten countries and twenty-seven cities.

Her work uses chromatic colours to convey luminous energy connecting the material and the spiritual. Many are based on her Jewish heritage and/or the Hebrew alphabet. Their size ranges from 2 1/2″x 2 1/2″ to 7 1/2’x 15′.

She is represented in three public collections and seven corporate collections, and she has participated in fifty-six exhibitions. This includes four solo shows, of which two were international and three were in collaboration with another artist.

She works from life, imagination, or photographs on canvas, paper, clay, fabric, with acrylic and oil paints, aquarelle pencils, inks and glazes and collage or any combination of the above.

She has had five appointments to leadership positions in art organizations and thirteen art-related awards.

One hundred percent of all sales made through this hub will be donated to Darchei Noam’s art committee.