Minda Davis


Minda has worked with clay for many years, starting one evening a week with Isolde Rest on Markham Street in Toronto’s Mirvish Village as respite from the corporate world.

She is a member of Hill Potters’ Guild a guild of about 30 members located in Richmond Hill and has enjoyed creating her work and learning more there.

Her work has been available in Guild sales, and a variety of shows and galleries. In addition, it is now available in the Gardiner museum shop.

 Her functional pots are made with mid-fire porcelain and are usable in the oven, microwave and dishwasher.

 “Although I have done both hand building and wheel work, I am now working primarily on the wheel. and enjoy the feel of the clay as it moves into simple, graceful shapes that are both pleasing to hold and see and are useful.

 Lately, I have been trying out some new glazes and firing techniques with the hope that they add to but do not distract from the shapes. I am inspired by the spirituality of being one with clay as it moves from potential to actuality

My hope is that I can continue to explore the medium and that others will enjoy having my pottery as much as I enjoy making it.”