Morden Shapiro

ABOUT Morden

An avid photographer since the age of 10. Morden’s photographic equipment has spanned the years, from a Brownie Hawkeye to today’s pocket digital cameras. He believes that “it’s not the equipment that matters but what the photographer sees”. 

Morden’s early work hung in Hart House at the University of Toronto. In 1987 Morden was invited into the Toronto Focal Forum (“TFF” – founded, October 1939) as the first second generation member (his father Roy was an accomplished photographer). 


  • 1989 – TFF 50th Anniversary Celebration show. Morden’s prints, along with those of other members, were deposited (by invitation) in the City of Toronto City archives. 
  • 2003 – a one-person show at the Civic Garden Centre in Toronto.
  • 2014 – TFF 75th Anniversary print exhibition.
  • 2016 – TFF “A Matter of Perspective” exhibition in the ScotiaBank Contact Photography Festival.
  • 2023 – Darchei Noam “A Celebration of the Arts”


On August 31, 2023 Morden retired as Senior Teaching Professor from Ontario Tech University. He now focusses on photography and poetry.

Morden’s images are eclectic, ranging from places and things to abstract interpretations of how he sees the world through his lens.