TYNa Gail Silver


Growing up in Toronto, I loved drawing people and other creatures that fascinated me. I later studied at Ontario College of Art in Toronto and took various supplementary workshops before becoming an elementary school teacher where I also taught art. 

After making my home in Northern Ontario for 34 years, I was very active in the Temiskaming arts community as an exhibitor, teacher, organizer and president of Temiskaming Palette and Brush Club, a member group of the Northern Ontario Art Association. 

I experimented with all genres of subjects and styles including a graphic style of funny lettering, “Alphapets”, inspired by all sorts of creatures, and personalized per customer request. Later, my main passion became watercolour/pastel painting of facial portraits, that captured the unique personalities of children and seniors from over the world. 

Back in Toronto, I joined the Willowdale Group of Artists, and participated in many figure drawing workshops, always a favourite pastime of mine.

 I always aspired to invite my audience to honestly see and contemplate the deeper message embedded in my images.”

I have participated in 15 group shows including Darchei Noam’s A Celebration of the Arts in June 2023, 10 solo exhibitions, including “In the Eyes of the Children” that raised an impressive amount of relief funds for children in developing countries, and won 3 best of show awards.